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1. How to change the diaphragm for DP6825/6830/6835 airless paint sprayer?

The below video tell you how to change the diaphragm for the professional airless sprayer equipment DP6825 / 6830 / 6835. These 3 items use the same diaphragm, they are changeable each other. meanwhile we had put 1 extra diaphragm inside each package for client changing after 400 hours spraying.

Please note that the diaphragm is easily worn parts , the lifetime could be different based on the spraying material, working condition, cleaning etc.

please note that the diaphragm can not be cleaned by strong solvent.

we always recommend the client to change the diaphragm before 400 hours, otherwise the oil will leak into the paint which will dirty your paint jobs.

IMPORTANT: when you screw or un-screw the 6 bolts, please remember that they be tightened diagonally.

One by One, Step by Step DIAGONALLY.




Below is video for change the diaphragm of DP6820


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