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Two-components airless spraying system

two-components spray system

Mixing ratio: from 1:1 to 10:1

Tolerance: 5% more or less

Pressure ratio: 46:1 65:1 75:1

Range of viscosity: 200-20000cps (with heating system)

Max. Discharge pressure: 270bar / 380bar / 450bar

Flow rate per cycle: 0.18L, 0.29L, 0.36L

Max. Output volume: 14.5L/min, 10L/min, 5L/min

Air compressor pressure range: 3.5-6kgs

Air comsumption: 500-1600L/min

Working temperature: 0-50 C degree

Weight of the equipment: about 300kgs

Mixing ratios
We supply different mixing ratios from 1:1 to 10:1

100% Solid Supported
It can spray 100% solid painting, can handle the coating with short drying period.

Accurate mixing ratio
With the help of electronic mixing / measuring system, the equipment can handle most kinds of two components accurate spraying.

Mixing gun attached
The special designed mixing gun will mix the 2 components outside the nozzle. It will make sure the 2 components could be mixed and dried quickly at the correct ratio.

Two components spraying with accurate mixing system
Ideal for shipyard, oil pipes, tanks, chemical, bridge, high way, etc. High viscosity / high solid two components spraying, like the heavy duty epoxy asphalt / bitumen undercoating -Urethanes, Adhesives and glues -Sealants, PVC and other sealing materials, in medium to high viscosity

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