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Paint Spraying Products ->DP-3900 8hp HONDA petrol engine powered airless paint sprayer piston pump

DP-3900 8hp bensiinimoottori powered airless maalaus sumutin pakki

 bensiinimoottori powered airless maaliruisku kone

* Equipped with HONDA Gasoline engine, no need electricity for this airless sprayer.
* Equipped with piston pump same as 695/795/1095
* 8HP 6000w powerful petrol engine will supply the strongest power to meet your most kinds of high viscosity painting jobs.
* Pressure adjustabel from 0 to Max 227bar / 3300psi
* Nozzle size: 0.013”, 0.015", 0.017", 0.019", 0.021", 0.023", 0.025, 0.027, 0.029, 0.031" (513,515,517,519, 521, 523, 525,527, 529, 531airless tips etc)
* Max. airless tip size: 0.031" (531 or 631 airless tip)
* Paint Paint Spraying delivery volume: 4 L / min (0.8gpm)
* Length of high pressure hose in the package:15M
* Maximum length of the hose: 90 meters
* Working pressure for hose: 220bar
* Burst pressure for hose: 800bar

* This professional airless paint equipment equipped with 8hp HONDA Gasoline engine which will supply strong power and could be used for very high viscosity coatings, enamel, strong latex, plaster.
* Proven quality fluid pump with durable piston rod & leather+teflon v-packings, same as pump repair kit, 85% lifetime, but much cheaper cost.
* Low pulse & tight deadband for better spraying result.
* Low maintenance cost.
* This petrol engine airless sprayer kit include 8hp HONDA engine, piston pump, high-pressure airless spray gun, replaceable spray tip, 15M high pressure hose, lubricating oil, wrench set, and other easily-broken spare parts for repairing.
* Suitable for all kinds of colorant, varnish, lacker, Medium to high viscosity water-based latex paint,and some oil-based paints, primer, enamel, waterborne, colorant, stains, acrylic, emulsions, varnish, floor coating, and plaster etc.
* This professional gasoline airless paint sprayer is designed for Medium to large size indoor / outdoor wall painting, decoration, construction, building, etc covering from medium to high viscosity paintcoatings..
* 1-year limited warranty for this professional gasoline airless sprayer machine.


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