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DP-637F Airless Filters

 filters for airless gun

DP-637F  Airless filters for spray gun
Stainless steel + welded
(A. Plug-in type,   B. Thread screw-in type)
DP-637F30  Green (30 mesh)  (Suitable for tip size: 0.027", 0.029", 0.031", 0.033")
30mesh green airless filter

DP-637F60  white (60 mesh)   (Suitable for tip size: 0.019", 0.021", 0.023", 0.027")
DP-637F80  white (80 mesh)   (Suitable for tip size: 0.019", 0.021", 0.023")

60mesh white airless gun filter
DP-637F100  yellow (100 mesh)  (Suitable for tip size: 0.013", 0.015", 0.017")

yellow 100mesh filter
DP-637F150  red (150 mesh)  (Suitable for tip size: 0.009", 0.011", 0.013")
DP-637F180  red (180 mesh)  (Suitable for tip size: 0.009", 0.011", 0.013")

150mesh red filter


DP-637FB  Airless filter for pump manifold
DP-637FB60   black (60 mesh) 
DP-637FB100  blue (100 mesh)

manifold filter for graco airless

DP-637FM  Airless filter for pump manifold
Size: 27mm diameter, 144mm height
Filter with wing: Fit / Airlessco / Asturo etc.
Filter without wing: Fit Larius, Titan, etc.
DP-637FM30  30 mesh    (637FM30W  without wing)
DP-637FM60  60 mesh    (637FM60W  without wing)
DP-637FM100  100 mesh  (637FM100W  without wing)
DP-637FM150  150 mesh  (637FM150W  without wing)
DP-637FM200  200mesh   (637FM200W  without wing)

filter for graco airlessco asturo pump


DP-637FT  Airless filter for pump manifold
Size: 27mm diameter, 72mm height
Filter Fit / Larius etc.
DP-637FT30  30 mesh    
DP-637FT60  60 mesh    
DP-637FT100  100 mesh  
DP-637FT150  150 mesh 
DP-637FT200  200mesh 

pump manifold filter for larius

DP-637FB2 pump manifold filter for 695 / 795

DP-637SF  Suction filter 
Size: 3/4", 1", 1-1/4",
One-layer or Two-layers are available.

suction filter

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