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Double-membrane pump for painting and fluid transfer
PU polyurethane foam reactor with heater
Two / plural components spray system for industrial coating or resin injection
Screw pump sprayer for putty gypsum plaster cement mortar spackle stucco
Airless spray guns
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电机(马达)electric motor,
微电机 micro motor
小电机 small motor
分马力电机 fractional horsepower motor
空调暧通电机 HVAC motor (heating, ventilating air-conditioning motor)
直流电机 Direct current motor, DC motor
串励直流电机 series wound DC motor
并励直流电机 shunt wound DC motor
复励直流电机 compound wound DC motor
直流无刷电机 Brushless direct current motor, BLDC motor
串激电机 universal motor
交流电机 Alternating current motor, AC motor
齿轮电机 Geared motor, Gear motor
同步电机 synchronous motor
异步电机 asynchronous motor, induction motor
罩极电机 shaded pole motor
步进电机 step motor, stepper motor, stepping motor
混合式 hybrid
磁阻式 variable reluctance
永磁式 permanent magnet
步距角精度 step angle accuracy
转轴 shaft
轴向负载 axial load
轴向窜动 axial endplay
径向跳动 radial runout
负载 on load
过载 overload
额定负载 rated load
空载 no-load
电流 current
电压 voltage
防护等级 protection class, degree of protection, isolation class
绝缘等级 insulation class
力距 torque
起动力距 starting torque
最大(崩溃)转距 break down torque
堵转 locked rotor
保持力距 holding torque
共振 resonance
测试程序 test procedure
性能测试 performance test
耐压测试 dielectric test (high pot test)
功能测试 functionality test, function test
实地测试 field test
寿命测试 life test
老化试验 ageing test
连续运转continuous duty, continuous running
间歇运转intermittent duty, intermittent running
温升试验 temperature rise test
环境温度 ambient temperature
峰值 peak value
供应商 supplier, vendor, seller
客户 customer, client, buyer
样品(样机)prototype, sample
试生产 pilot production, try-out production
小批生产 pre-series production
批量生产 series production
打筋 spline
滚花 knurl
攻丝 tap
键槽 keyway
定位销 stop pin
螺钉 screw
螺纹 thread
螺栓 bolt
螺母 nut
标签, 铭牌 label nameplate
外形尺寸 outside dimension outline
精度 accuracy
公差 tolerance
不符合要求non-conformity, out of specification
前端盖front flange, front end cover, front end bell, front end shield
后端盖 rear flange, rear end cover, rear end bell rear end shield
凸台 pilot
齿轮,带轮 pinion, gear wheel, gear
滚珠轴承 ball bearing
含油轴承 sleeve bearing, bronze bearing, self lubricating bearing
转子 rotor
定子 stator
铁芯 core
电枢 armature
磁钢 magnet
碳刷 carbon brush, brush
刷握 brush holder
机壳 housing/shell
轴承室 bearing housing
出轴 shaft extension
扁丝 flat
工装、夹具 jigs, fixtures, tooling
规 gauge
引出线 lead wire, leads
线路板 PCB (printed circuit board)
驱动器 driver, drive
冲片 lamination
槽 slot
齿 teeth
轭 yoke
硅钢片 silicon steel
漆包线 copper wire/enamel insulated copper wire
胶带 tape
压铸 die casting
注塑 mould injection
波纹垫圈 wave washer
车加工 machining 精车: turning
霍尔传感器 hall sensor
开关 switch
装配 assemble, assembly
生产制造 make, manufacture, produce
动平衡 balance. balancing
热处理 heat treatment
表面淬火 case hardening
穿透淬火 through hardening
退火 annealing
正火 temper
表面涂覆 surface coating
喷砂 sandblast
涂胶 gluing
滴漆 varnish
电泳 powder coating E-coating
力矩速度曲线 speed torque curve
磁通 flux
工艺流程图 process flow chart
绝缘骨架 plastic bobbin
止口 rabbet
粗糙度 roughness
同心度 concentricity
偏心度 eccentricity
垂直度 perpendicularity
平行度 parallelism
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