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Airless paint sprayers do not use compressed air. so it doesn’t need air compressor. just connect the machine to electricity power, and start your painting jobs immediately.

The basic components of the airless paint sprayers are a fluid pump, high pressure hose, airless spray gun and airless tip.
There are two pump types, piston pump and diaphragm pump. Both work very well. But the diaphragm type won’t be able to pump the Very Thick materials like a piston pump can.

Normally many people like airless paint sprayers of piston pump types. but we do recommend our diaphragm pump type also, because their quality are really very good.

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  • what’s the advantage of airless painting system?
  • You can still paint your house via the traditional paintbrush and roller, but airless paint spray system can cut your painting time in half.
    Air spray guns are mostly powered by compressed air, it has big noise, and it can’t spray high viscosity coatings. but “airless” sprayers are also available. The sprayer is considered “airless” because the electric turbine creates a high pressure ( about 210bar ) within the pump mechanism to push out paint . and the paint will be automized or exploded at the nozzle .
    the advantage of airless painting is as below
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    DP6845 is a very good quality DP airless paint sprayer with HONDA gasoline engine powered.
    it equipped with HONDA GX 120 4HP 3000W gas engine, stronger enough power for our airless sprayers, can delivery max.4.5L / min delivery.
    it’s ideal for the painting jobs outdoor where the electricity is not available.
    and the big volume delivery could support max.531 (0.031″) airless tips.
    it can be used for most kinds of painting / coating / primers / anti-corrosive painting etc. professional or industrial painting jobs.
    The trolley will help you move the sprayers easily based on the big size inflating wheels.
    and it has easily screwing on suction tube for suction the coating.
    this equipment can support 2 guns with maximum 519″ tips.

    but because of the sales strategy of HONDA group, we can’t equip it for all countries marketing
    some country is not allowed to equip it for our machine
    so we will chose YAMAHA or maybe A Chinese famous local brand for example ZONGSHEN motor instead.
    but we can ensure you the quality is very good also.

    HONDA gas engine airless sprayer

    Airless Paint Sprayers
    An Excellent Way to Paint


    Airless paint sprayers are one of the best inventions of all time. Only the brush and roller can be considered more important.

    Airless sprayers can apply a wide range of coatings and finishes in less time than any other application method. Plus apply the coating at any thickness desired.
    Airless paint sprayer refers to a method of applying house paint at high pressure to atomize the paint. This method works by forcing the paint, or primer, through a small tip opening at very high pressure.

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