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GRACO 490 airless maquina


Compacto y ligero de peso GRACO Ultra Max II.

El nuevo Ultra Max II 490 trae la tecnología de punta y el rendimiento de Graco s grandes modelos Ultra Max II en estos pulverizadores compacto y ligero de peso. El 490 es la mejor opción para profesionales que buscan un rendimiento superior y control para el uso diario en trabajos residenciales.

SmartControl ™ 2.0 de control de presión – Control avanzado microprocesador ofrece un abanico de pulverización coherente a todas las presiones pulverización.
Exclusivo de corriente continua sin escobillas de motor – Ofrece mayor caballos de fuerza por amperios.
Rótula de entrada de succión de la manguera – construcción de aluminio sólido y la no eliminación de herramientas de la manguera.
Fácil Out ™ filtro de la bomba – reduce zuecos de punta y garantiza un acabado de calidad.

Lacas y las manchas
Cartilla a base de aceite
Interior y exterior de látex

Contratista Nueva pistola sin aire
RAC 517 X Consejo y de la Guardia
1 / 4 “x 50 pies (6,4 mm x 15,2 m) de manguera BlueMax II

Tamaño máximo de Consejo – 0.023
Número máximo de psi / bar – 3300/227
Número máximo de gpm / l / min – .54/2.0
Stand lbs Peso / kg – 34/15
CV del motor – 1 hp CC sin escobillas

Graco introduz um pulverizador para proporcionar resultados consistentes de pintar em um pacote compacto.
Características e Benefícios

* Peso leve – apenas 30 lbs!
* Proven Gear Drive com Lifetime lubrificação.
* Max 0,021″ airless bico , 3300psi Pressão máxima e 0,47 GPM pintar entrega .
* Complete com Contratado FTX II pistola, RAC X 515 airless bico e Guarda, Blue Max II Mangueira.

Principais aplicações

* Interior / Exterior Residencial
* Construção Nova
* Repaint remodelar /
* Light Commercial
* Manutenção de Bens

Materiais Essenciais

* Látex
* Vernizes
* Manchas
* Esmaltes
* Acrílicos

390 – Perfomance Strong em um pulverizador Compact.

* Mais leves disponíveis na classe.
* Pega Comfort-moldados Handle para fácil transporte.
* Controles de Usuário localizados juntos para facilitar o uso.
* Simples Clean.
* Todas Metal giratória de entrada de sucção da mangueira com no-Tools Access.

O desempenho que você espera de um Graco!

* O controle consistente da pressão de pulverização para uma ampla variedade de revestimentos.
* Proven Endurance Pump proporciona uma vida longa e um desempenho confiável.
* Longa vida motores DC para aumentar a produtividade.
* 3 anos de garantia cobre defeitos de material e mão de obra.

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we have similiar items to GRACO 390 395 490 495 595 etc.machines
we have much cheaper price than GRACO machines, but we can give you 1-year warranty also.

Why use high-pressure airless spray?

With the concept of economic development and changes in brain, nowadays more and more people use high-grade interior and exterior paint instead of tile or mosaics for decorating the walls. Especially the water-based latex paint, because of its non-toxic, easy to clean, colorful, and do not pollute the environment, it has been become the most popular interior and exterior decoration materials.
But latex paint is a high viscosity water-based paint. the rate of the paint diluted with water to the original paint is about 10% -30% . Too much dilution will lead to poor finish, its texture and scrub, durability, will be subject to damage or less lifetime. Damage is proportional to the dilution ratio, the higher ratio of the dilution, the worse the painting finish.
It should be strictly accordant with manufacturer’s requirements for the dilution, and the final latex is in high paint viscosity, but it’s difficult to work on it. Such as with paint roller, brush, or air spraying, the paint finish is just so so. The most popular way is a high-pressure airless sprayer to the wall / construction / building.

What is airless spray? how does high Pressure Airless sprayer work?

High-pressure airless spraying machine has a high pressure “Pump” which will paint pressurized the paint to 3000PSI (210kg/cm), obtained by high-pressure pipe coating transported to a high-pressure airless spray gun, release the pressure by the formation of the small airless tip, then the automatized painting will be attached onto the wall fastly . As the coating does not require compressed air spray,so it is called airless spray.
High pressure airless sprayer is to use high-pressure “Pump” which keep supplying the high pressure to the airless hose / tube , it will makes around 500-5000psi high pressure in the limited sealed space, then pull the trigger so as to release high-pressure “paint flow” forced through a very small nozzle ( 0.1-0.5mm), when the paint released from the nozzle will automatized immediately into very small particle, and wherein was a small paint coated surface.

v-packing set


good news.
our updated leather v-packing set for the items DP6386 / 6383 / 6385 / 6387 had been ready
welcome to visit our web site for the details.

the leather gasket / packing set was normally used for the pneumatic airless sprayer
but now we put it into the electric types , so as to improve the longer lifetime for them
and specially designed for professional users.

compared to previous teflon packing only, the lifetime with leather washer now will be 3 times longer.
we are sure you will enjoy its performance and spraying.

we are now the most professional airless paint sprayer supplier from China.
we have the full range of airless painting system, including the electric powered, compressed-air / pneumatic assisted, or gas engine powered paint sprayers, and both piston type & diaphragm types.

The most popular items we’re selling now, such as
DP6385 1300w electric + piston type, airless sprayer, with max.2.2L/min delivery
it use stainless steel pump body, with leather packing, and improved electric control board.
the operating pressure is max.210bar 3050psi.
very strong power, and heavy duty. The machine equip with one extra storage tank which will reduce the spraying pulse, and make the finish very smooth and proportioned.

DP6820 750w electric + diaphragm type, airless paint sprayer, with max.2.0L/min delivery
The lifetime of the inlet valve, outlet valve, diaphragm could be up to 400-500 hours.
if the paint is not so good quality, diaphragm pump is always your best choice.
Very easy operation, and fast repairing.
you don’t need to return back the machine to your dealer, just replace the worn part yourselves
It will same your time much more.

DP6389/440i paint sprayer
These 3 items are same series, they are Titan model.
Full automatic pressure control, and has the durable piston rod & packing set.
Last long for your airless painting jobs.
we have the upgraded models in DP6640i & DP6740i, with bigger motor, more painting delivery.

we can offer you 1-year limited warranty for all the above items.
we’re sure you will be happy for sell / use these airless machines.

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