Air assisted airless spray guns
The air-assisted airless spray is same as Air-Mix spray system. They use air pressure and fluid pressure 300 to 3,000psi (pounds per square inch) (2,100–21,000 kPa) to achieve best atomization of the coating. This equipment provides high transfer and increased application speed and is most often used with flat-line applications in factory finish shops, such as furniture.
The fluid pressure is provided by an airless pump, which allows much heavier materials to be sprayed than with an air spray gun. Compressed air is introduced into the spray from an airless tip (nozzle) to improve the fineness of atomization. We’re going to equip our DP6695 electric airless sprayers with a compressor to allow the use of an air assisted airless gun in situations where portability is important. Then it will be equal to Graco FinishPro 390 / 395 system. The fine finish will be perfect for furniture or other surface coating.
Of course we’ll equip the airless pump with brushless motor, because the spark is not allowed for the furniture spraying workshop.