Interior Painting Process

1. Preparation: We set up a staging area for our paint sprayer equipment, move
all furniture to the center of the room, and cover them with plastic
sheeting. We use canvas dropcloths to protect the flooring. We
remove all wallplates, A/C vents, and other items mounted to the
surfaces to be painted. Any areas not being painted will be masked
off, and dirty/aged walls will be washed down prior to painting. If
there is any damage to the wall, we will fill the damage, sand the
repair smooth, and prime prior to the painting process. Priming
will also take place over oil-based paints, high gloss paints, and
any significant color changes.

2. Painting Process: Almost all of our interior jobs are painted using
a brush-and-roller technique, taking care to apply two full coats
of paint to all surfaces. Alternately, we have airless spray
capabilities that can be used for stucco and certain staining
processes. As always, the customer’s preference can certainly
be accommodated. Just let our estimator know during the
estimate, and we’ll include your request in the written agreement.

3. Cleanup: We remove all masking material, drop cloths, and other
equipment from the painted area, replace wallplates, hardware,
or other previous removed pieces, and do a final inspection.