Why use high-pressure airless spray?

With the concept of economic development and changes in brain, nowadays more and more people use high-grade interior and exterior paint instead of tile or mosaics for decorating the walls. Especially the water-based latex paint, because of its non-toxic, easy to clean, colorful, and do not pollute the environment, it has been become the most popular interior and exterior decoration materials.
But latex paint is a high viscosity water-based paint. the rate of the paint diluted with water to the original paint is about 10% -30% . Too much dilution will lead to poor finish, its texture and scrub, durability, will be subject to damage or less lifetime. Damage is proportional to the dilution ratio, the higher ratio of the dilution, the worse the painting finish.
It should be strictly accordant with manufacturer’s requirements for the dilution, and the final latex is in high paint viscosity, but it’s difficult to work on it. Such as with paint roller, brush, or air spraying, the paint finish is just so so. The most popular way is a high-pressure airless sprayer to the wall / construction / building.

What is airless spray? how does high Pressure Airless sprayer work?

High-pressure airless spraying machine has a high pressure “Pump” which will paint pressurized the paint to 3000PSI (210kg/cm), obtained by high-pressure pipe coating transported to a high-pressure airless spray gun, release the pressure by the formation of the small airless tip, then the automatized painting will be attached onto the wall fastly . As the coating does not require compressed air spray,so it is called airless spray.
High pressure airless sprayer is to use high-pressure “Pump” which keep supplying the high pressure to the airless hose / tube , it will makes around 500-5000psi high pressure in the limited sealed space, then pull the trigger so as to release high-pressure “paint flow” forced through a very small nozzle ( 0.1-0.5mm), when the paint released from the nozzle will automatized immediately into very small particle, and wherein was a small paint coated surface.