• what’s the advantage of airless painting system?
  • You can still paint your house via the traditional paintbrush and roller, but airless paint spray system can cut your painting time in half.
    Air spray guns are mostly powered by compressed air, it has big noise, and it can’t spray high viscosity coatings. but “airless” sprayers are also available. The sprayer is considered “airless” because the electric turbine creates a high pressure ( about 210bar ) within the pump mechanism to push out paint . and the paint will be automized or exploded at the nozzle .
    the advantage of airless painting is as below
    1. the perfect painting finish
    if you use the paint roller or paintbrush, the wall will not be so smooth , even though you use the best quality paints , the result is not so good.
    but if you use airless painting equipment, the high pressure will automize the painting into very small particles, and drop them onto the wall, the final surface will be very smooth and tight.
    2. high efficiency
    The air spray gun could spray 30 – 100 square meters per hour
    but airless spray guns can painting 300 – 1500 square meters per hour
    so it will save much of your working time
    3. improve the adhesion of the coating, and prolong the lifetime of the painting
    the airless paint sprayer will make high pressure of 3000psi or more, it will give the small paint particles very strong power to sink into the wall.
    that’s meaning the coating particle will combined hand by hand with very strong adhesive.
    and you can spray high viscosity coating without too much water.
    if you use paint roller, you can’t paint the strong coating unless you put too much water for dilution.
    4. if you use airless spray coating, you can save 15% – 25% coating
    because when you use the paint roller, the coating finish is not smooth or equal everywhere.
    but if you chose airless painting, all the place will be same thickness.
    5. you can use airless system to spray into any corner , angle , cant ……
    6. Easy using, and low noise.
    you don’t need to buy an air compressor for power the air spray gun,
    now you just need to put the plug into the cable socket, then connect all the machines + hose + guns , and you can spray immediately after the prime recycling.
    The prime return valve is just to ensure to exhaust all the air inside the hose and pump body.