Airless paint guns, also called airless paint sprayers, are useful tools for painting houses and other buildings. By using this type of paint sprayer, you can apply an even coat of paint more quickly and efficiently than with a brush or roller.
1. These tools are typically used for exterior painting of houses and other structures. They may be used by professional painters, or by do-it-yourselfers wishing to paint their own houses.
2. There are two types of airless paint sprayers. One type employs a piston pump to create a vacuum to draw the paint in one end, and then force it back out through the other end. The second type uses a diaphragm pump, which requires hydraulic fluid to cycle the paint through the gun.
3. In addition to the pump, airless paint sprayers are composed of a gun with a hose and a tip. The gun is the part held in the hand, with a trigger used to control the flow of paint, which flows into the gun from the hose and out of the gun through the tip. Guns are available in two- and four-finger models.
4. When buying components for your sprayer, you will have a series of choices to make. For the gun, choose either a two- or four-finger model based on which is more comfortable for you to hold. For the hose, choose one that is rated for the maximum output, described in pounds per square inch (psi), of your pump. When choosing a tip, consult the packaging on the paint you will be using to discover which tips work best with that paint.
5. If the hose for your sprayer becomes damaged, do not attempt to repair it. Instead, purchase a new hose to avoid the risk of injury or a ruined paint job. Additionally, do not attempt to use a tip that is too small for the paint you will be using. The thicker the paint you use, the larger the tip you will need.