The ball valve is one of the most easily stuck parts by improper cleaning, it’s very important to maintain and clean it regularly. And steps as follows;
(1).Take the lower pump body, lower ball & bushings apart by wrench.
(2). Check and clean each parts carefully, replace a new piece if any damaged.
(3). Take the ball from the piston rod by wrench.
(4). Check if any stuck or worn on the ball valve, clean or replace if needed.
(5). Make sure the upper & lower ball valve in good condition and clean, Assemble all the parts in order.
Remark: For the suck problems of the machine, check the lower ball valve first, then upper ball valve, and the ball can be cleaned by cotton foulard only, any hard material is NOT available.

2. V-Packing
(1).Take the fluid pump apart according to the ‘Ball Valve steps’
(2). Pull out the piston rod from pump body from the top down.
(3).Take off 2 packing sets (Upper & lower) and the piston guide from the pump body.
(4). Clean the fluid pump body and install the new packing sets.