we had developed several new items.
like the 6L big volume diaphragm pump sprayers
3.5L piston pumps which is similar to 850i titan series
6L & 8L piston pumps in 3 phase 380v for putty / plaster spraying, this heavy duty sprayer will be ready next year, and we’re testing it now, we’re sure this new series heavy duty piston pumps and diaphragm pumps could meet most request of professional contractors, painters, …..

meanwhile, we got the portable hand-held airless sprayers but with high pressure 3000psi, it’s designed for touch-up wall latex painting jobs, small area repairing jobs, …..
it will have 2 series, EC01 powered by battery, and EC02 powered by electricity.
now the EC02 is available, and EC01 is designing now.