there’s always people asking us which is better? HVLP or Airless?
actually they are totally different items
HVLP items (air or electric) is low pressure painting, it’s idea for small area painting jobs.
nobody use it for big house / wall / roofing / factory painting jobs, because it only has small paint contaienr , like 600ml, 1000ml.
and you must change it again and again after use up.

but for airless spraying, you just put the suction hose into the big bucket, and the pump machine will transfer the fluid into the spray gun which could be connected by 15meter, 30meters hose
that’s mean you could use your spray gun on 2nd floor, or 3rd floor, while the pump sprayer machine is on the ground floor.
you don’t need to change the pot, just spray it continuely till the job is finished.

so airless paint spraying is totally designed for big area painting jobs, from low viscosity to high viscosity, water-based, or oil-based, with or without grains, paint / stains / lacquer / filler / putty / plaster etc.