Airless sprayers work by pumping out paint from a small tip on a spray gun. There are no air compressors, nor is air involved in any way to move the paint. Airless sprayers are very efficient and will apply paint very quickly over a large area. If you are using an airless sprayer to paint your car, there are a few things to keep in mind.
Difficulty: Moderate
1. 1
Cover all areas of your car that are not to be painted. An airless sprayer is not as easy to control as a brush, so do not take any chances that you may accidently spray a mirror or glass. When spraying, the airless sprayer paint will create a cloud of paint that will settle. Wear a protective covering.
2. 2
Keep the spray gun aimed at the area that you want to paint. Never point it towards yourself. Move your hand in a horizontal motion while spraying. Do not stop to spray as you will create a heavy concentration of paint in one area.
3. 3
Begin moving your hand from side to side. Once you have a steady motion, begin to pull the trigger.
4. 4
Release the trigger before stopping motion of your hands when you are ready to quit painting.
5. 5
Clean the sprayer so that no paint builds up and dries up inside.

Tips & Warnings
• Do not mix oil-based and latex-based paints in the spray. Never mix a paint thinner with a latex paint.
• Sprayers operate at high pressure, do not spray yourself or any one around you as this may cause injury.