all our airless tips are made of Stainless Steel + Carbide Tungsten hardened material
Durable, and fine atomization, it delivers a consistent spray pattern for a variety of materials .

DP airless tips for painting equipments

Follow the steps below for easy tip selection

Airless Spray Tips Application Guide
1 – Identify the surface you will be spraying
2 – Choose your coating
3 – Determine your spray pattern width [spraying 12 in (30 cm) from the surface]
4 – Follow chart to tip number

airless tips nozzles chart
Airless Tip handles are color-coded by orifice (tip hole) size for easy identification on the job site

please use the correct airless filter to meet request of different coating.

Red filter— 150 Mesh & 180 mesh, For Varnishes and Lacquers
Yellow filter— 100 Mesh, For Enamels and Stains
White filter— 60 Mesh & 80 mesh, For Latex
Green filter— 30 Mesh, For Heavy-Bonded Paints