Airless paint sprayers are available in three types, all based on the type of pump they use. You will need to consider the material you will be applying and the extent of the job before choosing the proper type. The DIY paint sprayers use a diaphragm pump. The 2nd alternative is the piston pump that lets the painter spray typical coverings but is also capable of delivering thicker liquids. Double stroke piston units are found at the high end of the power painter market and they can spray paint on both the up and down piston strokes. These machines provide such consistent pressure at slow speeds you end up with great coverage and the overall lifespan of your paint sprayer is prolonged. Some models even allow 2 painters to use it at the same time by adding an extra hose. Professional painters and contractors tend to buy these high end paint sprayers. I’ve had the opportunity to run a power roller which is just a regular looking paint roller that has paint pumped into it and you can finish off rooms in no time at all. There are even extensions you can buy for hard to reach areas on walls or ceilings. Air spray units, commonly referred to as high volume low pressure (HVLP), give you smooth coverage and little or no overspray because of the low pressure. For glossy finishes on things like shutters or cabinets, air sprayers are your best bet. Not all paint machines are created equal so you will need to figure out just what type of paint jobs you will be undertaking with your new sprayer. Large spaces requires less power than areas like fencing and multiple speed sprayers will allow you to adjust the speed when trying to paint tighter spots. What kind of liquid will you be spraying? Paint sprayers with high psi (pounds per square inch), GPM (gallons per minute), and HP (horsepower) let you spray much thicker material like block fillers or elastomerics. Find a spray tip that will accomodate your type of covering best. Thin coverings are considered to be clear stains and sealers while thicker coverings are thinned latex, oil-based paints, and stains. If you are going to be working high on a ladder make sure the cord or hose is long enough to reach your desired area. Some painters, the smaller ones, are cordless which allow for free movement but don’t always have long battery life. Overall paint sprayers are a great investment for homeowners or professionals who foresee lots of paint work. Sprayed paint will dry faster than that which is applied by a brush and don’t forget to clean the paint sprayer after every use to keep it in good running order.