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Products ->DP-N2 cement mortar spray equipments

DP-N2 cement mortar spraying equipment (manual mixing)

 cement mortar sprayer manual-mixing

Cement mortar spray equipment (with manual mixing)

1. Control box: the core of the machine, to drive the motor, and air pump.

2. 4 KW motor&retarder: to drives the twister for material transportation.

3. 2.2KW Twin-piston air compressor with aluminum housing: offer enough air pressure, also the air for the atomization of spray gun.

4. 50L material hopper: for material storage

5. Spinning form twister Screw Pump: the material will be transport to the outlet by the screw pump after the quick and even mixing by twister.

6. 33.5cm lead screw: fix the screw pump for easy working.

7. Mortar pipe connector; very easy to connect with the machine.

8. Cart with four wheels; with high load bearing, resist pressure,solid drag link, multidirectional wheels, easy transportation.

9. Lamp: it will be available to work during the nights

10. Quick snap: easy to fix the material hopper and the cart.

* Tank capacity: 50L
* Working pressure: 30bar
* Compressor: 2.2kw 350L/min
* Voltage: 380v
* Motor for this cement sprayer equipment: 4kw
* Delivery capacity: 3 - 20 liters / min
* Delivering Height: 1-30m
* Delivering Distance:1-50m
* Nozzle size: 6,8,10,12mm
* Max.hose length:50m
* Groww weight: 230kgs
* Net weight: 160kgs


Below is N2V with belt-driven speed regulating system

Voltage: 380V
Motor: 4 kw
Speed range: 70-420r/min
Delivering volume: 3-20L/min
Delivering Distance:1-50m
Delivering Height:30m
Max. grain sizeļ¼š3mm
Nozzle size: 6,8,10,12mm
Capacity: 40 L

N2V cement sprayer belt-driven

Download manual for N2V cement sprayer equipment


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