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AXP-15 Polyurea spraying equipments

two-components spray system

AXP15 Air-compressor powered polyurea / polyurethane sprayer system


* Powered by air compressor with max.8bar and 1cbm/min output

* This AXP15 is designed for both polyurea and polyurethane spraying system.

* Bigger diameter air cylinder will generate bigger power and higher pressure, for polyurea spraying.

* More power heater will generate higher temperature for your polyurea spray jobs.

* Accurate temperature control and easy monitoring for result in good quality of sprayer material

* Stainless steel precise proportioning pump with long lifetime

* Innovated two-circuit heating pipes adopt the most advanced wrapping internal heating, it will maintain the required temperature and viscosity for the perfect components mixing ratio and finish.



Model No. DP-AXP15
Mode of driving Pneumatic (Air-driven)
Mixing ratio 1:1
Maximum output volume 6kgs/min (13 lbs/min)
Maximum temperature of fluid 90°C (194°F)
Maximum working pressure 170bar / 2500psi
Compressed air pressure 3-8bar (43-120psi)
Air consumption @7bar 1000 L/min
Heater power 11000W – 15000w
Maximum hose length 90m
Power parameters Single-phase 220V 50Hz 40A
Net weight 140kgs
Overall size 85cm x 65cm x 130cm
Packing dimension:  95cm x 75cm x 145cm
Contents in package:
Machine    1 set
Transfer pump  2 sets
Heating hose  15m (50ft)
Heating whip hose  1.5m (5ft)
Polyurea spray gun  1 set
Repair kit  1 set
Cleaning fluid  1 kg
DOP  1 kg
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